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Private Lessons & Consultation

Basic Classes (16 weeks - 16 yrs old)

$90 / hour at our home or via Zoom
$125 / hour at your home or a location of your choice

Private Lesson Packages

$260-$450 based on what you and your dog need

* Personal attention

* Relaxed setting - long quiet driveways / clean yards

* Safe / Supervised Playtime with our dogs

* Your home or at our home.

* Anything we offer in a class, we can offer privately including socialization and playtime with our dogs!


We offer problem-solving advice for a wide range of issues. This includes reactivity toward strangers or other dogs, separation anxiety, housebreaking, introduction of a new baby or dog to the household and much more. The same structure we provide in the group lessons for basic and intermediate obedience is also offered in this setting. Most clients find they can complete the normal training series in 3-4 lessons with one-on-one instruction.

Basic Training - $220 - Check the Schedule page for dates.

This 7 week class is intended to build the foundation you’ll use to communicate with your dog. Dogs 4 months and older (never too old) are welcome. This course lasts 7 weeks and includes one class of orientation without your dog and 6 weeks of instruction with you and your dog. For each class, you’ll be provided homework and tip sheets that will help you remember and practice each lesson. Dogs that need basic training or dogs (and owners) that need more consistency with the basics are the target audience.  The class size is limited to 8 dogs so everyone can receive individual attention. You’ll learn:


  • Sit

  • Down

  • Walking on a loose leash

  • Good greetings

  • Stay

  • Recall (Come)


This class also includes voluntary playtime where the dogs can interact under close supervision to build those much needed social skills.


Intermediate / CGC Classes

Intermediate Obedience (Includes Canine Good Citizen –CGC- Training and Evaluation) -$220

This 7 week class is held on an as needed basis.

Check the Schedule page for dates or send an email if interested.


This class is for dogs and owners that have solid performance of the basic commands and want to go that extra step. The class runs 7 weeks and ends with the CGC exam given at the last session. This class is limited to 6-7 dogs so that we have plenty of time to work individually and as a group. We practice the normal exercises with more distractions while adding the CGC exercises:


  • Meeting a stranger

  • Meeting a new dog

  • Walking through a crowd on a loose leash

  • Accepting grooming

  • Supervised separation

  • Sit/Down/Stay/Come

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